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Patrick Heun10 Publications.


Identification of Drosophila centromere associated proteins by quantitative affinity purification-mass spectrometry.

Data Brief 2015 Sep;4:544-50

Barth TK, Schade GO, Schmidt A, Vetter I, Wirth M, Heun P, Imhof A, Thomae AW

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Both tails and the centromere targeting domain of CENP-A are required for centromere establishment.

J Cell Biol 2015 Mar 2;208(5):521-31

Logsdon GA, Barrey EJ, Bassett EA, DeNizio JE, Guo LY, Panchenko T, Dawicki-McKenna JM, Heun P, Black BE

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Fly versus man: Evolutionary impairment of nucleolar targeting affects the degradome of Drosophila's Taspase1.

FASEB J 2015 Jan 29;

Wünsch D, Hahlbrock A, Heiselmayer C, Bäcker S, Heun P, Goesswein D, Stöcker W, Schirmeister T, Schneider G, Krämer OH, Knauer SK, Stauber RH

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Identification of novel Drosophila centromere associated proteins.

Proteomics 2014 May 19;

Barth TK, Schade GO, Schmidt A, Vetter I, Wirth M, Heun P, Thomae AW, Imhof A

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Nucleolus and nuclear periphery: Velcro for heterochromatin.

Curr Opin Cell Biol 2014 Mar 29;28C:54-60

Padeken J, Heun P

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CAL1 is the Drosophila CENP-A assembly factor.

J Cell Biol 2014 Feb 3;204(3):313-29

Chen CC, Dechassa ML, Bettini E, Ledoux MB, Belisario C, Heun P, Luger K, Mellone BG

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A pair of centromeric proteins mediates reproductive isolation in Drosophila species.

Dev Cell 2013 Nov 25;27(4):412-24

Thomae AW, Schade GO, Padeken J, Borath M, Vetter I, Kremmer E, Heun P, Imhof A

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Centromeres in nuclear architecture.

Cell Cycle 2013 Oct 8;12(22)

Padeken J, Heun P

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Esperanto for histones: CENP-A, not CenH3, is the centromeric histone H3 variant.

Chromosome Res 2013 Apr 12;

Earnshaw WC, Allshire RC, Black BE, Bloom K, Brinkley BR, Brown W, Cheeseman IM, Choo KH, Copenhaver GP, Deluca JG, Desai A, Diekmann S, Erhardt S, Fitzgerald-Hayes M, Foltz D, Fukagawa T, Gassmann R, Gerlich DW, Glover DM, Gorbsky GJ, Harrison SC, Heun P, Hirota T, Jansen LE, Karpen G, Kops GJ, Lampson MA, Lens SM, Losada A, Luger K, Maiato H, Maddox PS, Margolis RL, Masumoto H, McAinsh AD, Mellone BG, Meraldi P, Musacchio A, Oegema K, O'Neill RJ, Salmon ED, Scott KC, Straight AF, Stukenberg PT, Sullivan BA, Sullivan KF, Sunkel CE, Swedlow JR, Walczak CE, Warburton PE, Westermann S, Willard HF, Wordeman L, Yanagida M, Yen TJ, Yoda K, Cleveland DW

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The Nucleoplasmin Homolog NLP Mediates Centromere Clustering and Anchoring to the Nucleolus.

Mol Cell 2013 Apr 2;

Padeken J, Mendiburo MJ, Chlamydas S, Schwarz HJ, Kremmer E, Heun P

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