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Marcus Buschbeck10 Publications.


A cellular model reflecting the phenotypic heterogeneity of mutant HRAS driven squamous cell carcinoma.

Int J Cancer 2016 Apr 13;

Cantariño N, Fernández-Figueras MT, Valero V, Musulén E, Malinverni R, Granada I, Goldie SJ, Martín-Caballero J, Douet J, Forcales SV, Buschbeck M

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Barcelona conference on epigenetics and cancer 2015: Coding and non-coding functions of the genome.

Epigenetics 2016 Jan 2;11(1):95-100

Corujo D, Mas G, Malinverni R, Di Croce L, Buschbeck M

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DNA Hypomethylation and Histone Variant macroH2A1 Synergistically Attenuate Chemotherapy-Induced Senescence to Promote Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression.

Cancer Res 2016 Jan 15;

Borghesan M, Fusilli C, Rappa F, Panebianco C, Rizzo G, Oben JA, Mazzoccoli G, Faulkes C, Pata I, Agodi A, Rezaee F, Minogue S, Warren A, Peterson A, Sedivy JM, Douet J, Buschbeck M, Cappello F, Mazza T, Pazienza V, Vinciguerra M

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regioneR: an R/Bioconductor package for the association analysis of genomic regions based on permutation tests.

Bioinformatics 2015 Sep 30;

Gel B, Díez-Villanueva A, Serra E, Buschbeck M, Peinado MA, Malinverni R

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A Cbx8-Containing Polycomb Complex Facilitates the Transition to Gene Activation during ES Cell Differentiation.

PLoS Genet 2014 Dec;10(12):e1004851

Creppe C, Palau A, Malinverni R, Valero V, Buschbeck M

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First Barcelona Conference on Epigenetics and Cancer.

Epigenetics 2014 Jan 10;9(3)

Palau A, Perucho M, Esteller M, Buschbeck M

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macroH2A1 histone variant represses rDNA transcription.

Nucleic Acids Res 2013 Sep 25;

Cong R, Das S, Douet J, Wong J, Buschbeck M, Mongelard F, Bouvet P

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Murine cell glycolipids customization by modular expression of glycosyltransferases.

PLoS One 2013;8(6):e64728

Cid E, Yamamoto M, Buschbeck M, Yamamoto F

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MacroH2A - An epigenetic regulator of cancer.

Cancer Lett 2013 Mar 24;

Cantariño N, Douet J, Buschbeck M

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Macro domains as metabolite sensors on chromatin.

Cell Mol Life Sci 2013 May;70(9):1509-24

Posavec M, Timinszky G, Buschbeck M

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