An ambitious EC-funded research initiative on epigenetics advancing towards systems biology 30

Laboratory of Genome Regulation, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey

Gene Regulation and Cancer

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We study the mechanisms and consequences of cancer-associated changes in gene regulation to understand the disease processes and to identify targets for therapeutic intervention. Previously we have identified the genome-wide targets and cancer-associated funtions of transcription factors and chromatin modifiers that the B-cell cancer cells are ‘addicted' for their survival and proliferation. Currently, we are working on transcription factors with critical roles in melanoma skin cancers in order to uncover the gene regulatory networks controlled by these factors.

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Latest publications

Essential role of IRF4 and MYC signaling for survival of anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

25359993 – 2014-11-02
Blood 2014 Oct 30;
Weilemann A, Grau M, Erdmann T, Merkel O, Sobhiafshar U, Anagnostopoulos I, Hummel M, Siegert A, Hayford C, Madle H, Wollert-Wulf B, Fichtner I, Dörken B, Dirnhofer S, Mathas S, Janz M, Emre NC, Rosenwald A, Ott G, Lenz P, Tzankov A, Lenz G

A Polymorphism in IRF4 Affects Human Pigmentation through a Tyrosinase-Dependent MITF/TFAP2A Pathway.

24267888 – 2013-11-26
Cell 2013 Nov 21;155(5):1022-33
Praetorius C, Grill C, Stacey SN, Metcalf AM, Gorkin DU, Robinson KC, Van Otterloo E, Kim RS, Bergsteinsdottir K, Ogmundsdottir MH, Magnusdottir E, Mishra PJ, Davis SR, Guo T, Zaidi MR, Helgason AS, Sigurdsson MI, Meltzer PS, Merlino G, Petit V, Larue L, Loftus SK, Adams DR, Sobhiafshar U, Emre NC, Pavan WJ, Cornell R, Smith AG, McCallion AS, Fisher DE, Stefansson K, Sturm RA, Steingrimsson EView all their publications


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