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Instituto de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona-CSIC and Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), Spain

Chromatin structure and function

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The last few years have witnessed an explosion of information concerning our understanding of the epigenetic factors, and mechanisms, that regulate chromatin structure and function. Many fundamental questions remain, however, unanswered. Our research addresses the epigenetic mechanisms that regulate three specific processes: centromere/kinetochore assembly, transcription initiation and higher-order chromatin organisation. Below is a brief description of our main goals on each one of these topics.

(a) Centromere/kinetochore assembly and function
(a.1) Characterisation of the molecular mechanisms that determine specific centromeric localisation of the histone H3 variant CenH3/CENP-A and, in particular, the role of CenH3/CENP-A proteolysis.
(a.2) Analysis of the molecular interactions that lead to kinetochore assembly.

(b) Transcription initiation
Analysis of the mechanism(s) of action of two novel epigenetic factors, dKDM5/LID and HP1c/WOC/ROW, which are involved in transcription initiation.

(c) Higher-order chromatin organisation
(c.1) Analysis of the contribution of histone H1 to the epigenetic regulation of chromatin structure and function.
(c.2) Analysis of the contribution of CENP-Bs to higher-order chromatin organisation.

Mònica Torras-Llort, postdoc
Olga Moreno-Moreno, postdoc
Sonia Medina-Giró, PhD student

Tomás Morán, postdoc
Roman Kessler, PhD student

Anne Daulny, postdoc
Eva Mejía-Ramírez, postdoc
Carles Bonet-Costa, postdoc
Salva Pérez-Montero, PhD student
Aleix Bayona, PhD student

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Latest publications

The Drosophila histone demethylase dKDM5/LID regulates hematopoietic development.

26183107 – 2015-07-18
Dev Biol 2015 Sep 15;405(2):260-8
Morán T, Bernués J, Azorín F

Germline-specific H1 variants: the “sexy” linker histones.

25921218 – 2015-04-30
Chromosoma 2015 Apr 29;
Pérez-Montero S, Carbonell A, Azorín F

dDsk2 regulates H2Bub1 and RNA polymerase II pausing at dHP1c complex target genes.

25916810 – 2015-04-29
Nat Commun 2015 Apr 28;6:7049
Kessler R, Tisserand J, Font-Burgada J, Reina O, Coch L, Attolini CS, Garcia-Bassets I, Azorín F


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