Advancing Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology

Michiel Vermeulen

University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dynamic interactions with 5-methylcytosine and its oxidized derivatives during stem cell differentiation

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michiel vermeulen


Our lab is using state-of-the-art quantitative mass-spectrometry based proteomics technology to identify and characterize proteins that interact with epigenetic DNA and histone modifications (so-called chromatin 'readers'). We characterize the complexes that these readers form and study their biology in stem cells and their potential deregulation in cancer. Within the context of the Epigenesys consortium we are particularly interested to identify proteins that bind to 5-methylcytosine and its oxidized derivatives in mouse embryonic stem cells and differentiated cells. We aim to functionally characterize interactions that we have found using a variety of approaches, including genomic sequencing technology and functional knock-down approaches

People involved:

  • Cornelia G Spruijt, PhD student
  • Arne H. Smits, PhD student

Latest publications

Functional characterization of a multi-cancer risk locus on chr5p15.33 reveals regulation of TERT by ZNF148.

28447668 - 2017-04-28
Nat Commun 2017 May 2;8:15034

Fang J, Jia J, Makowski M, Xu M, Wang Z, Zhang T, Hoskins JW, Choi J, Han Y, Zhang M, Thomas J, Kovacs M, Collins I, Dzyadyk M, Thompson A, O'Neill M, Das S, Lan Q, Koster R, PanScan Consortium., TRICL Consortium., GenoMEL Consortium., Stolzenberg-Solomon RS, Kraft P, Wolpin BM, Jansen PWTC, Olson S, McGlynn KA, Kanetsky PA, Chatterjee N, Barrett JH, Dunning AM, Taylor JC, Newton-Bishop JA, Bishop DT, Andresson T, Petersen GM, Amos CI, Iles MM, Nathanson KL, Landi MT, Vermeulen M, Brown KM, Amundadottir LT

An Interaction Landscape of Ubiquitin Signaling.

28190767 - 2017-02-14
Mol Cell 2017 Mar 2;65(5):941-955.e8

Zhang X, Smits AH, van Tilburg GB, Jansen PW, Makowski MM, Ovaa H, Vermeulen M

SDHD Promoter Mutations Ablate GABP Transcription Factor Binding in Melanoma.

28108517 - 2017-01-22
Cancer Res 2017 Apr 1;77(7):1649-1661

Zhang T, Xu M, Makowski MM, Lee C, Kovacs M, Fang J, Willems E, Trent JM, Hayward NK, Vermeulen M, Brown KM

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