Advancing Epigenetics Towards Systems Biology

Philip Avner

Mouse Molecular Genetics Unit, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

X-chromosome inactivation

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The Avner lab’s interests in Epigenetics are centred around the characterisation of the role of the X-inactivation centre on the initiation of X-inactivation. Particular focuses include the Xce locus arising out of a collaboration with Bruce Cattanach which has been defined through an eventual role in the process of X chromosome choice, exploration of mechanism underlying lineage specificities in the X-inactivation process including imprinted X-inactivation, and developmental processes which directly and indirectly determine the onset of X-inactivation during embryogenesis.

PhDs & Postdocs of our lab involved in research on EpiGeneSys projects:

  • Lynda DEUVE - Postdoc fellow
  • Sarra MERZOUK - PhD student
  • Julie PRUDHOMME - PhD student
  • integrity.

Latest publications

A rapid passage through a two-active-X-chromosome state accompanies the switch of imprinted X-inactivation patterns in mouse trophoblast stem cells.

26628922 - 2015-12-03
Epigenetics Chromatin 2015;8:52

Prudhomme J, Dubois A, Navarro P, Arnaud D, Avner P, Morey C

Antagonist Xist and Tsix co-transcription during mouse oogenesis and maternal Xist expression during pre-implantation development calls into question the nature of the maternal imprint on the X chromosome.

26267271 - 2015-08-13
Epigenetics 2015 Oct 3;10(10):931-42

Deuve JL, Bonnet-Garnier A, Beaujean N, Avner P, Morey C

[The legacy of Mary F. Lyon (1925-2014)].

26152175 - 2015-07-15
Med Sci (Paris) 2015 Jun-Jul;31(6-7):687-9

Guénet JL, Panthier JJ, Avner P, Heard E, Montagutelli X

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